Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where can I use these Sat Navs?


A: The USA or CANADA. We have a Sat Nav for you, no matter which US states or Candian provinces you are going to. Our Sat Navs are pre-loaded with the latest maps. The most commonly requested states are Florida and California, but we have hired to customers going to every state inbetween! So even if you're planning a trip to Hawaii, Alaska, Yukon or the NWT, we've got you covered!



Q: What Sat Nav will I receive?

A: This depends on whether you choose our regular unit, or upgrade to our premium, larger screen unit. Our regular is a Garmin 57 and our premium larger screen unit is a Garmin 60.  They have a whole range of great functions. We only use these types of Sat Nav, so we know them very well. We use this type as they have a user-friendly screen, and all the functions our customers say they want! 


Q: Are they easy to use?


A: Yes they are. They have loads of great features to help you with your journey. It's easy to enter in where you want to go (or select one of 7 million points of interest). There is a user guide if you get stuck, but you can always call/e-mail us for help. Having hired to over 2,500 customers, we are confident that you won't have any issues.


Q: Why can't I just hire one from my car rental company?


A: You can! However, they typically charge at least 4x as much as we do for a Sat Nav rental. Also, sometimes they will not have one available when you land. JP Sat Nav Hire was started to save you money on your Sat Nav rental, so you can spend money on the more exciting parts of your holiday instead! Finally, by hiring in advance, you have the option to pre-programme your destinations, saving you time and hassle when you touch down on your holiday!


Q: I want one of your Sat Navs for my holiday- how do I rent one?



A: It's simple!  Order online, or give us a call/send us an email. We normally answer very quickly between 7am-11pm. When ordering online, you can add multiple items to your cart by tapping the "back" button each time. Please add your dates and destination into the comments box. If you forget, we'll call you though.


Q: When will it arrive/ what if I'm not in when it arrives?


A: We post our Sat Navs out using Royal Mail (TM) 'Signed For' service. We aim for you to receive your Sat Nav approx. 2-3 days before you depart (often much earlier). If you're not in when it's delivered, the postman will leave you a red card, and you will be able to collect it from your local Royal Mail (TM) sorting office. If you prefer, we can post to your place of work, or a relative or close friend.  Note that the postman will NOT attempt a delivery with a neighbor if nobody is at home. It must be directed specifically to the chosen address. If nobody is at home and the Sat Nav is not collected from the delivery office in time, we would not refund the rental cost. 


Q: How do I return the Sat Nav to you?


A: When you return, please place the Sat Nav (including all accessories) back into the box, and package in a bubble bag (such as a jiffy bag), writing 'FRAGILE' on the front and back. Please post back by Royal Mail (TM) 'First Class Signed For' delivery by last collection the day after you land. If you need an extension, please ask us. If the parcel is posted after this date, or is sent via a slower service, or other postal provider, late fees will apply at £3/day. IMPORTANT - If the Sat Nav is not posted back to us in a protective package, with the words FRAGILE written on it, we cannot claim damages from Royal Mail, even if it was their fault, and we would seek to recover the cost from you, which we don't like doing.


Q: What if I damage it, loose it, or having it stolen?


A: For this, and more similar questions relating to the hire terms, please see our Terms and Conditions page. All rentals agree to these.


Q: I want to order multiple Sat Navs/ I want to order for a longer period. Is this possible?


A: Absolutely - We can provide Sat Navs for large groups, and cater for rentals of any duration. As a guide, the longer you go for, the better value the hire becomes. Beyond 28 days, it is £1.00/day. Beyond 50 days, it is £0.90/day


Q: I am on holiday now...The Sat Nav has died - HELP! (Note - this is an extremely rare occurrence, but this information is here to put your mind at rest and to show we really do care about your holiday!).


A: This sometimes happens if you use the Sat Nav without it being plugged in, until it completely runs out of power.

Don't worry -We are here to help you, and ensure you're back on track quickly. Follow these instructions.


1... Plug the Sat Nav into a plug socket or PC using the USB cable provided

2...When the Sat Nav powers on, press and hold the on/off button until the Sat Nav powers off

3... After 30mins (preferably up to 2 hours), press and hold the on/off button until the Sat Nav powers on

4... You should see the charge bar is now at least partially charged. You are now good to go.


5... If the Sat Nav still doesn't power on, or dies again shortly after...

6... Check that the plug socket is working using another appliance. (To prove it is a Sat Nav fault)

7... If no success, please e-mail or call us and we will run you through a few tips. If we can't resolve quickly, we'll authorise you to buy a replacement. Please keep all receipts and packaging, and we will reimburse you. You will not lose out financially.