Terms and Conditions

By renting from us, you are confirming that you have read, understood and accept the below Terms and Conditions. 

Please ask if you have any queries with these Terms and Conditions.

 Important: Late return fee (i.e. the unit does not make the post the next working day after landing home, as a First Class Signed For RM Parcel) is £3 per day. If your flight is delayed, there will not be a charge. This applies as long as you let us know by the day you were supposed to post back, and your flight number/date.


In the unlikely event that the Sat Nav should break, please contact us straight away and we will authorise purchase of a replacement. This will be for a similar model. All receipts/packaging will be required, so please keep them safe and return to us. Please also provide the broken Sat Nav.


Please check that you receive the Sat Nav and all accessories in working order, and without any damage. Any damage/missing items must be reported within 24hours of receiving the Sat Nav, or it will be assumed that it was received in working order and without damage. In the unlikely event that you lose or damage any equipment, please advise us ASAP. Loss/damage charges will be kept to a minimum, and be appropriate. Pre-declared damage/loss will receive a 10% reduced replacement fee.

Returning Equipment

Please ensure all items (Sat Nav and all accessories) that are hired are returned in exactly the same state as you received them. Small, appropriate charges will be made in the event of a missing charger, mount, stylus, USB cable, or user manual. Pre-declared damage/loss will receive a 10% reduced replacement fee.


In the unlikely event that you experience theft of the Sat Nav, please act as if it were your own property. I.e. Report to the local police immediately, obtain a police reference number, and contact us ASAP. Your travel insurance should cover this cost, and you would be expected to recover the cost through these means. If you do not have insurance or do not want to claim from insurance, please contact me to discuss the replacement charge. Replacement charges will be appropriate to the cost of the unit.

Delayed Return

Late return fee is £3/day. This is based on the number of days after [ the next working day after ] the given return date, that the Sat Nav is posted back to us.  If the Sat Nav has not been received back to us 7 days after you land, AND we have received no response  from you despite multiple e-mail/telephone requests, we may consider this as theft.

In the unlikely event that your flight is delayed coming home, don't panic. (It happens to us all!) Please let us know if possible so we can plan for your revised return posting date.

Crime prevention

It is suggested that you hide or remove all parts of the Sat Nav from your vehicle whenever you leave the vehicle. This will reduce the chance of crime against your vehicle &/or Sat Nav.


Finally, please remember to operate the Sat Nav safely whilst driving The Sat Nav is hired to you as a working, fully functional Sat Nav. In hiring, you (the customer of JP Sat Nav Hire) are taking full responsibility for your safety. JP Sat Nav Hire, cannot take responsibility for any incidences which may result from its use. This includes, but is not limited to, misdirection & loss of time, injury from its use (directly or indirectly). The maximum claim that may be made against JP Sat Nav Hire is  limited to the cost of the rental and the cost of return postage.

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